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Manga Debut

Volume 1 (Side Story)

Anime Debut

Episode 4 (Season 1)

Childhood friend of Azuma-sensei.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Akira is very short statured (this feature still remaining when he is in high school) with black hair and violet eyes. He is normally very bright and cheerful, although he is shown to be very worried about his height, fearing that he will stay this way forever. As he laments this thought, he tries every possible way to lessen his troubles, proved unsuccessful when he is all too quick and hasty to check on his results.

More infoEdit

He and Azuma-sensei have been childhood friends since they were younger and are very close, Akira affectionately calling him by the nickname "Kou-chan" whenever he can, and in turn Azuma referring him by Akira's first name. His close relationship with Azuma is proved in volume 3 chapter 11 of the manga when he attends the cultural festival and participates in the "Masquerade Dance" held by class 3-2 as a goukun when he states that his ideal bridal type would be "someone like Kou-chan," later telling Chizuru and the others that the only reason he agreed to do the match-making party was to find a suitable girlfriend for Azuma and stating that he was really not looking forward to going out with any of the girls here when reprimanded by Chizuru that if he had a girlfriend he should not be here. His debut in the anime occurred when Kaname was thinking about the past he held with Azuma (when he volunteered for a day in the kindergarten). In the manga, this scene was in an extra chapter and later on he appeared during the festival when he cut in line in front of Chizuru and Shun when they lined up to buy choco-banana. Akira also thinks himself to be very innocent, but Azuma counters that he if he says he is, really isn't. He cringes at Chizuru's rudeness and excitedly tells Azuma that he does not want such a person to be their underclassman, revealing the fact that both he and Azuma had attended the same high school as Kaname and the others now do.

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