Chizuru Tachibana ("Monkey Boy")
Chizuru tachibana

Kanji Name

橘 千鶴

Romaji Name

Tachibana Chizuru





Voice Actor

Miyu Irino

Manga Debut

4/5 (The Boy With The Straw-Colored Hair)

Anime Debut

3 (The Boy With The Straw-Colored Hair)


playing, curry rice, snack foods


studying, staying up all night

A half-Japanese and half-German transfer student who joins Yuuta, Yuuki, Kaname, and Shun's circle of friends.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Chizuru has blonde hair that he keeps waxed up and can be occasionally seen down in some scenes usually after it gets wet (rain, etc.). He has a mole under his right eye that he calls his "best feature" and although being half-German, he is quite short in height (162.4 cm.) He is noisy , cheerful and loves to play. He also made nicknames for the boys and Masaki.
With Yuuki, Chizuru often makes Kaname mad and usually ends up getting yelled at by him.

More infoEdit

Some years ago he visited Japan. He happened to meet Yuuki and Yuuta in the process. Initially when he met Masaki Sato, he claimed that she was not cute because she was violent and always reject other people's kindness. However as the story developed, he began to fall in love with Masaki and even get jealous when Masaki only talks to Shun.


  • Chizuru's blood type is O.
  • His Birthday is on August 11th.


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