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The day the tulips bloomed

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air date 11/10/2011

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In this episode we are introduce to Masaki

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A Flashback story is shown with Shun, Kaname, Yuuki and Yuuta from when they were in Pre-School. Shun worries over the Tulips not being able to grow because of the heavy snow. Even though it is extremely cold, Shun scoops up all of the snow so that the Tulips can grow safely. Kaname tells Shun that Tulips are much stronger than they look .Back to the present, Shun is having problems with a short girl (Masaki) that he gave a cute plaster too when he saw her scraped knee. Masaki, didnt like Shun to worry about her, so she tries to get revenge on Shun for making her feeling useless. Shun was cursed then by masaki trick. She replacing his books with loads of porno magazines whcih even though Shun didnt like it, it seems Yuta had intrest in it. Also dragging along Kaname (which they got in trouble for). Also we found out Yuki doesns't like the smell of make-up or perfume and gets sick when smelling them, Also we found out the Yuki would do pretty much anything for manga( Kaname asked Yuki to run after Masaki, Yuki refused to do it then when Kaname said he will buy him manga he ran really fast!) At first, Shun still felt bad for masaki so he did nothing to stop Masaki,thinking she only had problems solicalizing. But soon aftern Masaki took it too far and she through a stone which hit Yuta (he wasnt hurt by it though) Then Shun gets mad,Shun chases after Masaki and tells her that he is the only one that she should be mad at. Then Yuuta’s lifted Masaki skirt (Kanmae and Shun didnt like it at that point becaue it did look like he was a pervert, but Yuki seemed like he didn't care) But it showed that Masaki is actually still wearing the cute plaster that Shun gave her. Masaki starts to cry. She was actually mad at Shun for worrying about her, she was actually happy and grateful that he worried about her and didn’t ignore her like everybody else. In the end, Shun and Masaki make peace with Masaki asking to please lend her more plaster in the future

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Shun, Kaname, Yuki, Yuta And Masaki


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