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First 'real' romance (Kaname was a crush)

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Chizuru, Kaname, Yuuki and Shun saw an unexpected confession of a quiet and shy girl to Yuuta. Even so, Yuuta does not tell any information regarding the incident to his friends. This results to the gang stalking Yuuta behind his back whilst he was on a supposed 'date' with her. Along the way, Yuuki seems to have shown his affection/brotherly complex towards Yuuta (such as being sulky during the date between Yuuta and the girl). In the end, it is revealed that Yuuta had known about the girl's situation all along; being bullied by her friends and wants to help her, even if it meant accepting her confession. The relationship between Yuuta and the girl, Takahashi-san is still unclear

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Shun, Kaname, Yuki, Yuta ,Chizuru, and Takahashi


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