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Daily Wedge Hero or Senpai And Me

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This episode was not in the manga as it was made by JC staff. Yuuki has been asked by a first year student named Ryunosuke Matsushita, who is a member of the Manga Society of their school to draw a five-page manga for the club's anthology. After accepting this, Yuuki decides to divide his work with his friends namely: Yuuta working on the first page, Yuuki on second, Shun on third, Chizuru on fourth and Kaname on the last page. When they were all finished with their work, Chizuru asks Yuuki to make copies for everyone. Yuuki attempted to shred it to bits but was stopped by Chizuru and Kaname. On the side story of the episode, it reveals that Ryunosuke Matsushita admires Yuuki and thinks of him as his "hero".

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Shun, Kaname, Yuki, Yuta, chizuru And Ryunosuke


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