Kaname Tsukahara

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Kanji Name

塚原 要

Romaji Name

Tsukahara Kaname








Mystery novels, Ramen, Yakisoba


drawing, handicrafts

Voice Actor

Yuuki Ono (Japanese)
Matthew Mercer (English)



Anime Debut

1 (In Our 17th Spring)

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Kaname has black hair and is the only one who wears glasses in his circle of friends. He is the Student Council President as well as the Class Representative in his class, and he is from a rich household. He is in the same class as Yuuki and Chizuru. He has been friends with Yuuki, Yuuta and Shun since their time in Hidamari Kindergarten. Kaname has a short temper, and due to Chizuru, Yuta and Yuuki's hobby of annoying him, they are often at the brunt of it.

He is also shown to be very intelligent and responsible, coming up top of his class every exam and doing his homework diligently while Chizuru and Yuuki slack off. Though Kaname may seem mean-spirited and blunt, he cares very much for his friends and sticks through with them despite the clashing personalities.

More infoEdit

Kaname was once in love with his kindergarten teacher, Kaori-sensei, and sought to prove himself as a man to her. However, the appearance of Kouichi Azuma shook his fantasies due to his naturally kind and friendly demeanor - especially towards Kaori-sensei. Kaname, jealous and worried that his first love would be stolen from him by Kouichi, tried to prove himself a better man than the latter in hopes that Kaori-sensei would fall for him. When that fails, however, Kaname is upset and sits by himself pretending to read a book, Snow White. Kouichi finds him and cheers him up by admitting that Kaname's a better man because he'd stand and fight for Kaori-sensei, while he himself cried when he read Snow White. Due to this simple act, Kaname has secretly aspired to become like Kouichi - even if the latter doesn't recognize him as the child he helped.

Kaname has a typical mother, who cares for him deeply and has no fear of showing that to him - even in front of his friends! She also looks young and pretty for her age.

Kaname's blood-type is A.

He first started wearing his glasses in middle school prompting the twins to call him Kanamegane. This is a pun because the last part of his name 'me' is the beging of the word 'megane' which means glasses. 

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