Kayo Sakura

Kayo kimi to boku 32683

Kanji Name


Romaji Name





Unknown; Appears to be early-mid twenties

Voice Actor

Aya Endo

Manga Debut

14 (Crescent Moon Silhouette)

Anime Debut

11 (Crescent Moon Silhouette)

A grown woman who wishes to work in a beauty salon, despite not being able to take care of her own hair. She collected stickers to win plates, and later left her former work place in the cafeteria to follow her dream.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Kayo is a young woman who appears to be in her early-mid twenties and is the daughter of Homare High School's cafeteria. She has short brown hair she keeps up with a clip when in public and lets it down when finished for the day. It's damaged due to this, and is one of the things that Yuuki notices about her, which sticks out. She's very beautiful, called "Cinderella" by Chizuru at first sight in the cafeteria she worked temporarily at.

She's stubborn but friendly, and cares very much for her mother. Kayo is also fiercely determined.

More infoEdit

Kayo also appears a second time in Chapter 19 (Colorless Blue), and this chapter formally gives closure to the stickers arc. She leaves the cafeteria to work in a beauty salon and it's unknown if she will be seen again.

She seemed aware of Yuuki's feelings towards her - romantic or not - and accepted his plates out of courtesy, though it was clear she had no interest back.