Masaki Sato ("Mary")

Character img masaki

Kanji Name

佐藤 茉咲

Romaji Name

Masaki Sato



Manga Debut

Chapter 2 (The Day the Tulips Bloomed)

Anime Debut

Episode 2 (The Day the Tulips Bloomed)

Voice actor

Miyuki Sato


Mother, father, two older brothers

Favorite color



Strawberries, strawberry-flavored things, cats


Bugs, green peas, scary stories

A first year student who bullied Shun for a few days due to her knee-jerk reaction about not wanting to be pitied (and seeing his help as such) and grew to have a crush on him. Chizuru likes her.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

At 146cm (4'9"), Masaki is easily the shortest of the group. Despite her small stature - or perhaps because of it - she's a fiery young lady who, at first, resents people helping her. That changes after she meets Shun and he helps her (and says he'd like to keep on helping her, though her initial knee-jerk reaction was to bully him for a few days to deter him from ever helping her again), although she's quick to dismiss anyone's thoughts that she might actually like the guy or something (it's all because he keeps helping, honest! That's all!) although her crush is extraordinarily obvious. But Masaki's not just some rude, small girl; she can also be very kind and thoughtful, and while it's hard for her to do she can show gratitude just like anyone else. She doesn't like to be teased though, so any comments about her looking like a sheep due to her fluffy hair (or being called "Mary") don't fly too well with her. Still, as she grows closer to the boys, even that becomes tolerated - although jokes about her flat chest do not.


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