Ryūnosuke Matsushita

Kanji Name

松下 隆之介

Romaji Name

Matsushita Ryūnosuke



Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color



Around 156cm

Manga Debut

Chapter 19

Anime Debut

8 (Daily Wage Hero/Senpai and Me)

Voice Actor

Shouta Aoi (Japanese)
Brian Beacock (English)

Yuuki's admirer and a 1st year member of the Manga Society in Homare High School.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

He is a small framed 1st year, with dark brown hair and purple eyes. His hairstyle is wavy and about the same length as Shun's. When compared to the height of the main 5 boys, he is substantially shorter.

Ryunosuke is a sweet and seemingly innocent teenage boy who admires Yuuki, because of his admiration Ryunosuke tends to be bashful towards Yuuki, causing him to slink away.

More infoEdit

Ryunosuke Matsushita is a first year student who is a member of the Manga Society. He admires Yuuki and thinks of him as his hero; that leads him to want to write his manga for the manga society club’s project on him.  In the end, all his stories seem to go wrong and he doesn’t understand why. While taking out the recycling, he runs into Yuuki, which leads him to understand that his senpai isn’t the hero he imagined, but seeing a glimpse of the real Yuuki made Ryunosuke admire him all the more.

While out, Yuuki runs into Ryunosuke at the Homa Ranger show. There Ryunosuke asks Yuuki to join him, making the joke that he didn’t know if he had the courage to go to the show alone. At the show Ryunosuke tells him that he's surprised to see him without his gang. In response Yuuki tells him that it’s nice to go out alone, that he even has someone at home all the time.

At the school sports festival, Ryunosuke is on the athletics committee along with Sato Masaki, while working he assumes Sato has plenty of friends. The two of them attempt to go see Kaname, Yuuta, Yuuki, Chizuru, and Shun's match but run into several obstacles. Finally near the end of the match, Ryunosuke and Masaki get to see the match and express their cheers.

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