Shun Matsuoka


Kanji Name

松岡 春

Romaji Name

Matsuoka Shun




168.9 cm

Voice Actor

Toshiyuki Toyonaga (Japanese)
Xander Mobus (English)



Anime Debut

1 (In Our 17th Spring)


Candy, potato salad, movies, watching TV dramas


Coffee, singing, tongue twisters


Mother, father, two older sisters, one younger brother (Fuyuki)

20170618 132008

Shun in season 1, episode 1

The cute and optimistic one. He wants everyone to get along.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Shun has long, light maroon hair and a more feminine attitude than a typical highschool boy. Because of this, many people mistake him for a woman (Chizuru in episode 3, as well as a woman looking for her son later on) . He's also seen as a 'flower boy' ever since kindergarten, as quoted by fellow friend Kaname, and is a sensitive person (he used to cry a lot as a child). Shun is a polite, respectful boy who likes to use keigo (honorific speech) to address people, and he is usually the one who tries to calm down situations. Nevertheless, he is quite slow in things like love, such as when a girl from another school confessed to him which led to Shun's shock and uncertainty in what to do. Later on, Chizuru and the twins cut his hair (Episode - quite short, much to his dismay. In the rain, it gets poofy.

More infoEdit

Shun has known Kaname, Yuuki and Yuuta since kindergarten. He is also in the tea ceremony club with Yuuta in high school, and were together in the kendo club in middle school. He has two older sisters, and one younger brother, Fuyuki, whose personality is the complete opposite of his.


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