Rina Takahashi

Kanji Name


Romaji Name

Rina Takahashi



Manga Debut

9 (By The Apple's Side)

Anime Debut

7 (Next To An Apple)

A young girl in the boys' year, also known as Yuuta's "first love."

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Takahashi is an average looking girl with short black hair, and she is somewhat shorter than Yuuta standing next to him. She is a quiet girl of sorts, being very passive and unable to stand up for herself even when she knew her friends were being cruel to her. Even so, she is strong in her opinions, only unable to voice them as well as she may like to. With being very polite and reserved, she is just as well very kind and forgiving without much hesitation.

More infoEdit

Takahashi was Yuuta's first love interest, and they had dated for a small amount of time. During this while, they were mostly only able to share a liking in music (when he lent her CD's) and a few conversations over her particular enjoyment of books. Even though they broke up, the two remained close friends later on.